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Reiki is a form of energy healing where I channel the life force energy towards the recipient, i.e. you for your healing purposes and the highest possible good. It can be done both personally and with distance. So, we don’t have to be in the same space to benefit from this therapy.

The session includes:-Briefing: 5 mins

Reiki transmission: 30-35 mins

Session summary: 5-10 mins

We all go in this alternative state of consciousness in our lives while being barely aware of this. I facilitate you to reach that state willingly and do the healing work. Your subconscious mind always knows the order, details, and emotions attached to all your memories. We just have to follow various techniques to work through this sacred space and make the session work for you.

The session includes:-

Diagnosis: 15 mins

Hypnosis Session: 35 mins

Integration: 10 mins

A lot of issues that seem to have a mysterious origin or go out of the common understanding or acceptance can be associated with past lives. Accessing past lives allows us to open a new door of possibilities for closing open wounds and reduce karmic inflammation to bleed through in further lives. If you feel you have something which can have an answer in these timelines, this therapy is for you. However, regressions aren’t only limited to that; there are many directions this session can take someone in. Book this session to explore this dimension within you.

The session includes:-

Diagnosis: 15 mins

Regression: 65 mins

Integration: 10 mins

You don’t have to be alone in walking through the hard and turbulent phases of your life. You’re only limited to how less or more you allow yourself to receive help from outside. Life coaching opens this sweet spot for you to plan, organize, strategize, and implement the otherwise ignored mess of your life. Book your first session to have an experience of what it feels like to not be struggling alone.

The session includes:

Goals derivation: 10 mins

Roadmap: 30 mins

Integration/Closure: 5 mins

“I believe that given the right resources and following the right lifestyle, everyone has the capacity to heal themselves.”

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Please Note: Once you have submitted the booking form, I will go through your situation, and, in some cases may even take out 5-10 mins to discuss it. When finally it is confirmed that you’re ready to heal, I will share the payment link with you. Once your payment is confirmed, we’ll go about your scheduled session as discussed prior. You’re most welcome to clear all your queries related to services offered here any time. Thank you. 

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