Death, healing, and spirituality – a discussion on higher perspective.

A discussion on death, healing and spirituality. | self healers

PART 2 ( See part 1)

From my last writing on death and dealing with complex emotions, I have continued this second part with which mainly will focus on the healing and spiritual aspect of death. To start with, I will first write on emotions.

Question: How to deal with repressed emotions?

Answer: Repressed emotions lower the life force energy, eventually manifesting themselves as physical ailments in the body and weakening the immune system even more. It is important to do a self-body scan so that one can release the emotions.
How do I feel?
How do I know?
What do I feel? Sensations?
Where do I feel it? Body location?
Where in my body did it begin? Move to?
Intentionally experience the repressed emotions on these body locations so that they can come to the surface. Flow until that body part eventually starts feeling light.

And, most importantly allow the emotions to overflow so that it can release completely. Cry when you must. Be angry when you must. Do it all as and when you feel it, in the now. When you’ll be in a better emotional state, you’ll be able to offer more support to other loved ones. Do it for yourself and them.

Question: As per news reports, many family members of the deceased have said that even relatives, neighbors, and friends have shunned and ostracized them as if they committed a crime. How can this be dealt with more effectively?

Answer: Focus on only those who are communicating for the time being. If someone is not talking, it is their perspective and issue and can be dealt with later. The people who care don’t compromise relationships on such temporary scenarios. So contact only those who are willingly there for you. You simply have to ignore, not even blame or feel hurt for them, because at this moment your energy is low and precious, redirect it only where you feel love, connection, and closure.

Question: What practices would you suggest to maintain composure, considering a grief-struck person cannot practice any modalities until the pain is eased a bit?

Answer: Daily chores itself are a great practice in themselves as they develop a sense of discipline in people. Do one chore at a time with great focus even if it feels like a futile task. Do not overwhelm yourself with multitasking now. This gives the body willpower to remain in motion when exercising and yoga feels too much. One would want to compromise their health because they feel it is part of grief, but grief is subjective and we subconsciously make our own rules to meet our emotional states. If we made it, we can change it too. Meditate daily to keep yourself centered. There is nothing which can help more than this one practice but if you can’t make yourself to, it’s okay, just sit with closed eyes as long as you can and watch your emotions as they come and go.

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Question: Also, what does it teach us individually and about the transitioning of the soul apart from being detached towards our loved ones/ deceased yet to love them completely? Your thoughts on it?

Answer: Souls travel and incarnate in groups, playing many relationship roles in different lives with the same person. Collectively, all are heading towards the source and their modality is growth in consciousness. Complex and hard lives often given many life lessons and more growth. A soul that has chosen the accelerated way of growth can be anyone. Just because the heavy veil of forgetfulness makes us forget the afterlife and past life, our souls subconsciously remember and follow everything that it has planned for itself.

Love is a perpetual emotion, which can be expressed without attachment too. Our attachment is generally our own need. But if we realize that our attachment can make a soul confused about passing onto the light then it ends up becoming earthbound. Do we want this for our loved ones, trapped in-between, where the pain, grief, and confusion is extremely heightened? Because of the nature of that dimension, they can not even express themselves as we can while still being alive. So, we must try to focus on transitioning of them first, not about us, and send more love which you originally feel for them. You will meet them in future lives if they do not get trapped here. Loved ones always unite in the afterlife whatever the circumstances.

Question: Any healing modalities that can be used after the person regain a bit composure?

Answer: Any modality which can give a person more spiritual experience of the bigger picture reality of life must be used. As the person has already tried several psychological processes themselves and they’re mentally in better states. Emotions take more time to heal. So, a hypnotherapy session focusing on the closure of emotion can help a person to give closure. If one can, then join the Vipassana meditation retreat. Join group circles oriented towards experiencing and transmuting the pain and emotions. People often experience transcendental transformations in these groups and witnessing it will motivate one towards the direction of healing themselves from the root. The soul might have passed but it sowed a seed of transformation and growth in you. That was your contract with them.

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Question: If there are small kids at home, how to help them cope up with the loss?

Answer: Do not tell kids right away from the loss. Most of the time, they know because they can see you grieving. Allow them to follow their routine lifestyle and slowly introduce the positive terminologies for the passing when you have started practicing the thought interventions. Focus on gratitude, love, compassion, and healing as much as you can while communicating with them. Small kids are very impressionable, as their minds are mostly in Alpha states, and absorb the information more visually. What you want them to accept, you would have to sometime start practicing that around them. They will follow in the picture which you will paint for them.

On a final note :

Eventually, the individual loss is adding to the collective loss. We all are collectively grieving for society. There is never a better time to reach out to anyone possible at this time who might need you. Transmute your service to self towards service to others. Service to others is in alignment with the new frequency level of our planetary consciousness. The transition is indeed depressive and full of frustration but this will eventually phase out and give way to the new way of living we have never witnessed in the history of our time. Express your gratitude for these moments even in grief. This too shall pass.


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