How to develop Self love for building healthy relationships

self love for healthy relationships

Self-love helps us unblock all the anti-love forces. Hence, this article encourages everyone to develop self-love for building healthy relationships. The forces that had managed to keep us in low vibrations and ill-defined self-perceptions till now. These low vibrations keep us trapped in the very things we want to get rid of. It is very ironic to say that the shade we throw outside actually affects us first internally. Developing self love helps us in integrating the core values, mentality, and depth necessary for building healthy relationships in all areas of our life.

Continued from the previous article: Practising self-love for deep healing.

Self-love does not mean compromising ourselves. Please elaborate on this myth where people act as martyrs in the name of doing things for others but end up treating themselves very poorly.

Acting as martyrs do not prove if we really love ourselves or others. It requires even greater courage to acknowledge that what we sacrifice and compromise for others they are able to do it for themselves. Nature has given them their own systems for exactly the same thing. But, by having your entanglement as a soul in this scenario, you can take a positive lesson for your soul growth. Nature has given everyone all the resources they need to fulfill their life purposes and reaching that potential is a part of their soul journey.

So, by becoming a martyr for them, you’re not only delaying their soul growth but generating more karma for yourself as well. You might temporarily feel good for this that you sacrificed for someone but in the bigger picture, it entangles you even more in this particular type of situation and increases chances of attracting similar scenarios in the future unless you finally learn your lesson. Here, self-love for building healthy relationships can be your knight in shining armor until you learn your soul lessons.

How does self-love help build respect for self and builds trust in relationships?

Self-love is all about honoring the life we have got. When people and life outside constantly tests our integrity, capability, and resiliency, self-love becomes our power bank. When what we need to work wholly is being charged from inside naturally, we don’t put unrealistic expectations on self and others; we become accepting of ours’ and others’ needs of respect, trust, love, desires, and boundaries.

Shweta Chopra

How self-love can help create heaven on Earth if we all loved ourselves completely?

When everyone is fulfilling their all requirements from inside for their share of life-force energy, they won’t accept what is incomplete and disharmonizing in nature and, as a result of practicing extended self-love, they will see others as an expression of self and would not do unto others what they have learned to not do on the self. This will open doorways of more fulfilled relationships, happier personalities, and extinct distortions, and the sum total of this will be a new Earth where everyone is working together towards a collective fulfillment as the self has already got that it can all aspire for. This new Earth will be no less than heaven as we constantly create our own heaven and hell right where we are in every passing moment of our lives.

How to practice self-love even if you are not at the zenith of your highest good?(and might be healing issues with parents, friends, family, etc. since we are all a constant work in progress.)

Start with basic journaling first where you write everything out without filters. You will always feel relaxed and relieved after that. After this, divide your writing according to your relationship dynamics. Write the pros-cos and gives-takes in all scenarios related to the only those relationships where you have issues. Then, gently lookout for activities that create issues in the first place. Most people have good intentions but unclear communication and poor self-awareness create distortions in relationships.

When you write everything down, the emotional charge is gone from this and you can analyze everything from a distance and wider perspective and, hence, allowing yourself to progressively implant messages and actions of self-love in your relationships with others and the self. Over the course of your healing, journaling becomes a foundation tool for all chapters of self-love.

Shweta chopra

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How to retain self-love on a bad day and have compassion for self, irrespective of whatever may have happened?

Always remember that “Today, I might be suffering but I am still totally capable of love. My ability to love is unconditional. Anything can only affect me in the proportion to the power I give to it. It can be imbibed both as a gentle reminder and a powerful mantra – the choice is always yours. It will create a protective wall between you and the bad day. Eventually, you will be able to see everything from a distant view.
A bad day is only a bad one when you internalize it as bad.

If you extend compassion towards the day the same way as you do to a sick person, you’ll know that everything that goes bad will eventually be better than before.

In the end,

Self-love is cyclical in nature. Everything that you can imagine will branch out in all imaginable directions and those branches will always, conclusively, merge back and lead to each other like a real circle hiding in infinity. So, a small act of self-love will have infinite ripple effects and 95% of it all will always be subconscious. Imagine if the awareness of only 5% can make you go excited, what knowing the other will do. At the least, you can always rest assured that no matter what you do, self-love will always benefit you infinitely.


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