Empath and hate being rushed? Know how to handle it!

Empath and hate being rushed? Read on!

As an Empath, your highly sensitive nature has always been a ‘sensitive’ topic itself. You tend to have certain hate and resistance towards being rushed. This resistance is coming from the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious over something you feel you can not control. Then you start feeling perpetually powerless in all situations where you feel you’re being rushed.

If you’re only one empath in your circle of people, sometimes not being understood makes you feel ted lonelier about your situation. It even increases the pressure of being ‘normal’ on you. Even more, you subconsciously start feeling as if there’s something wrong about you if you are not like others. It makes you to want to be normal for others and it makes you fall into the pattern of people-pleasing.

Processing things deeply.

You are not everyday Joe whose sense of perception is shallow. You think deeply and feel intensely. Nature has programmed you to be this way. You are programmed to be highly sensitive to your environment and hyper-responsiveness to stimuli. As a result, you may take longer to ‘recover’ from the intensities of stimuli. It makes you express greater empathy and awareness in response to social, emotional, and perceptual tasks.

Technically, it has been scientifically proven that you differently engage brain regions involved in reward processing (for positive stimuli), memory, physiological homeostasis (any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability), self-other processing and awareness. Practicing empathy, awareness, calmness and physiological and cognitive self-control may serve you deep spiritual integration and memory for environmental and social information, which may ultimately foster survival, well being, and cooperation.

Try inside-out Approach.

You know that what you are inside, that is what you perceive outside and vice versa. At times, the intensity you feel while being rushed can be pushed on others too without your conscious awareness. Because empaths have the tendency to develop a protective boundary around themselves and while doing so, they sometimes block out the good as well.

The good one carries the lessons of what your sensitivity has to teach you. What you don’t learn and integrate inside, you carry that unconsciously in your life patterns outside. It may make you impress your feelings on to others and make them feel what you always felt.

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You know you are Okay.

Despite the overwhelming stress generated because of not feeling in time for your daily tasks, people in your life, and yourself, you sometimes develop low feelings for yourself. Not feeling good enough, lacking effectiveness and wider perspective in your personal and professional sphere, feeling sick about yourself for always being in a hurry to not being able to meet deadlines, and growing short temper towards the smallest things of life becomes commonplace.

You must know that is a learned behavior and it has developed over time in bits and pieces to make you stand in your current situation. So, first thing, you should drop the preconceived ideas about yourself which aren’t helping you to grow in any direction.

You are okay to be however the way you are. You just have to understand that unlearning takes time just like the learning did. So give yourself time to be calm and centered while you drop away from the dead ideas and become empty for new matching ones for your sensitivity to enter your field and become your ordinary reality. Slowly, take back control of the very thing you despise.

You can benefit greatly by practicing the language of silence. It makes you more meditative in nature and hence increased ability to function and less saturated nervous system.

You won’t miss anything!

Apart from the common culture of always remaining hooked to a busy life, you can always make conscious choices to plan your time for a balanced exposure to the external stimuli. You might feel because you’re feeling so rushed and behind the schedule that, if you take breaks, you might miss out on a great deal of information and links. So this makes you to constantly try and chase the lights, not realizing you need mental rest more than others. So, plan your life events, both personal and professional, in greater respect for your personal wellbeing.

To plan some areas of your life, you must divide your core functioning mechanisms according to their capacities in a given moment and simultaneously add new ways of functioning for a balanced approach to avoid feeling being rushed. Follow below for the same:

Action speaks louder than words. -> You can only act authentically on what you have accepted fully. ->To accept something fully, you must be in emotional alignment with that.

Action -> -> ->

1. Avoid multitasking. Juggling too many tasks at the time leads to divided attention and intention, and you lose the ability to finish them in time without feeling overwhelmed.

2. If you delegate some work to others, then you must do that. Overstimulating won’t make you or anyone work in their full capacities. Also, be sure that if someone hasn’t completed their work, you don’t feel responsible for that. Communicate their shortcomings professionally to them.

3. Question the narrative. Is your willingness to do overwork causing you to do exactly that – Overwork? If you have always accepted the job responsibilities without questioning their relevance to your position, then it is time to ask the where and why’s of it.

4. When you have many tasks to finish then prioritize them in their order of importance, deadlines, and difficulties. After that, finish the prioritized task one at a time.

5. Plan your time. Allotting a specific time to the stressful tasks will limit their effects to that timeframe only. So, you’re not constantly worrying about rushing to finish one task while worrying about the other.

-> -> -> Acceptance -> -> ->

1. Wherever you feel that you have no control of your situation then you must stop or slow down to analyze your situation and accept the reality of wherever that analyzation will lead you towards.

2. If you can then seek out help and support from your workmates and loved ones. When you can feel that people are willing to help you regardless of your reluctantness to ask for help, your trust for others in your situation strengthens. You then become more open and approachable.

3. Accept yourself fully even if you make mistakes and don’t stand up courageously to your own expectations sometimes. Realize that sometimes you, yourself, can put unrealistic expectations on yourself and only you can draw a boundary line on this.

4. If you’re still doubtful about something, you won’t be able to thoroughly do that. Crosscheck every action with your level of acceptance.

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-> -> -> Alignment

1. Make yourself come in full emotional alignment with what you want to accept. If you aren’t really feeling positive about something, you won’t really feel aligned enough to accept that.

2. Foster positivity in all your life areas. Set realistic expectations, and try using affirmations, cognitive restructuring, and success programming to boost your positivity.

3. Regulate your emotions whenever you feel rushed. If you practice self-control, you can acknowledge that you’re being rushed but you can choose to stop playing emotional victim to its physical play.

In all, controlling your sensitivity and responding effectively to the stimuli is a long term process and it requires more discipline than ever to be able to remain on top of that. One thing you must always remind yourself is that just because you’re being rushed, that does not mean that you have to rush. You can practice your choices more than ever now.


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