How to build spiritual connection with God during lockdown?

Spiritual connection with God is a very personal affair for every individual. Many people don’t want to be told how to in this area but at times this is the area that needs the most attention. Especially during a time of crisis when one is feeling overwhelmed by their surrounding situations, it becomes even harder to nurture this connection. I have decided to write on this topic from different possible angles and give a spiritual perspective on religious practices. Please follow ahead to read.

Anytime is a perfect time to build and strengthen the relationship with God as the approach towards it is not an outside-in process, but inside-out. If one has a true desire to connect with God, the place for this divine communication can be built anywhere, anytime. Even though the architecture, the vibration of a place, divine consecration, and collective channeling of worshippers matter for a religious place to become actually the adobe of a Deity, this doesn’t stop one truly desirous from practicing their connection with their Deity.

For a relationship to exist with the Deity primarily, regardless of the religious place, one must –

● Be clear of their desire to establish this connection.
● Practice gratitude and surrender to the Divine at all times.
● Simultaneously create the inner temple alongside, and regardless of, the outer one.
● Become one in nature with all living beings and things.
● Respect existence.

If one is following these on a regular basis, they will start uplifting themselves on a higher level of consciousness. When one is vibrating high, the connection becomes even more experientially evident than one-sided prayer.

Different ways to communicate with God.

There are infinite ways to communicate with God. God is the ultimate source energy and all the higher level Deities are the primordial spiritual entities of the highest possible order. Everyone worships in different ways according to their religions and the culture they’re born in. Their ways make them unique in the way that everyone is connecting with the same source with different ascending paths.

Since there can never be one stairway to this heaven-ous direction, one can benefit from building their own stairways, and i.e. practicing their divine communication with all means possible. The divine communication can awake humans to this realization that it is about the expansion of the creative quality of means of communication and those creative pursuits can be anything from prayer, chants, worshipping music, meditation, rituals, and love.

For any chosen mode of divine communication, one can take care of the basics at all times, and these are-

● If the desire (for divine) is an intangible object then the attention is the laser focus through which this desire travels to the goal (the God).
● Make an altar at home, which is synonymous to the religious worshipping altars for the devotee, and a place of high order energy for the atheist.
● One doesn’t have to be religious to communicate with God.
● Setbacks are the reroutes, not the endings. The more one dial-in high vibration, the more natural it becomes.
● Whatever you become, you attract and vice versa. So, focus on becoming the temple of God yourself first.
● One can never be lost enough to not being found by God. So, persistence should be your tool, not limiting emotions.

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Bring the temple in your heart.

Spiritually, the heart is the bridge between the ordinary and the divine. Below heart, one lives in survival and self pursuits whereas above it one learns to speak in the language of the divine and attain extrasensory perception. If one has to make their body the temple of the divine, they must start with the heart. It is on your heart that you store the empathy, compassion, and limitless love. The more you vibrate with these emotions, the more you’ll feel an expansion in your heart’s magnetic field, literally.

In a time when the rushed mind finds it rather easy to debunk the spiritual side of their existence, the ability to connect with one’s heart is a gift.

If you consider every action, thought and intention that transpires in you as an act of God and makes sure they’re in sync at all times, the heart doesn’t take long to follow in your steps and rhythm in sync with the frequency of God.

Your heart has always been a temple, it’s up to you that you want to awaken its under-functional spiritual side and nurture the inner temple.

Shift from religious to spiritual.

Every day, there are more and more people who are losing touch with reality because of the absurdity of what is happening around them. People’s beliefs and faiths are being shaken big time and this is creating a moment of urgency in people to survive. When one feels threatened by their primal need for survival, they turn to whom they believed the most for their security and start questioning the length of their beliefs. This is the point when a believer turns into a seeker. At this moment, many people are struggling with the fight and flight response in their bodies, and they want neither.

When a desire to reach something unknown awakens, the person naturally starts becoming spiritual without them having to realize it consciously.Tweet

When a desire to reach something unknown awakens, the person naturally starts becoming spiritual without them having to realize it consciously. | self healers

The relevance of lockdown for creating self-connection with God.

Yes, we indeed needed this time to slow down but the course of this is affecting people way harshly. However, a man is always able to rise greater and above their situations. On the other side, some people might have managed to develop new distractions within their confined spaces. The collective need and desire are there for freedom as many people were finding it hard to overcome the burnout of daily life. Everyone has the opportunity to develop great habits to nurture their connection in this slowed down period as, right now, the spiritual energy is very high and getting higher.

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Connection post the lockdown.

There is something I personally trust that — once a seeker, always a seeker and beyond.

One might get lost and distracted from their path of seeking, but they’ll always find themselves drawn back to ask the same old questions and experience what their incumbent life isn’t able to provide. People will go outside to bathe in the collective benefits of a temple but that will not be their ‘that’s all’ anymore. The connection with the God and that which amazes them on every turn will continue to feed itself by the mere natural pull of their soul to converge back into the source. The inner temple always needs a seed, the soul gives it nourishment in essence even if the body and mind are distracted.

In the end,

Love is the biggest force for any form of communication. Love connects the ends of polarity. If light can have a counterpart then it is love. Not the ill-defined love we hear around, but the deep heartfelt love one experiences deep in their core.Tweet

If one is able to match their heart with the frequency of love, their journey gets accelerated with faster learning of wisdom and every cell getting consecrated with the engravings of an inner spiritual temple. Then one no longer is a human struggling with life, but a seeker slowly progressing towards sainthood and further orders of consciousness.

Every human is on a journey of human consciousness to God-consciousness even though this journey is infinite and uncertain in nature and one is continuously bombarded with the illusions, forgetful veils, and karmic entanglements. But, it is nothing in terms of one’s desire to truly become one with God.


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