How to grow spiritually on birthday during the lockdown?

To grow spiritually on your birthday during lockdown.

Our birthday can be a way to grow spiritually if we see it like that. Self-love takes different forms with every one of us especially when it comes to birthday. We all want to feel special on this day as we all have our individually unique feelings attached to this. A lot of us expect something from outside for us – whether a surprise party or gift or anything that makes us cared for inside. It is no surprise some of us feel awful when our expectations are not met by our loved ones. It’s almost like feeling disappointed.

During the lockdown, everyone is feeling some level of sensitivity. So, let’s turn the wheel inside and gift ourselves some self-loving actions which can redefine our goals and make stepping into the progressing year an exciting and spiritually growing event for us.

How to plan and accomplish goals for the year and for the next few years for yourself, as a self love indulging act on your birthday or a few days prior to that?

Reverse the idea of not doing anything on your birthday to doing something worthwhile that not only sets the day apart but adds value to the day. You can always make your birthday your milestone tracking day. The dopamine rush you will get with combined birthday feelings and the pleasure of accomplishing goals will make you feel blissful than an average birthday.

Plan your goals in a one-to-five year timescale, wherein starting from the broader picture, you narrow down to the minute details, like –

5 years – Define 5-10 broad goals, according to your needs.

1 year – Select the three most important or urgent ones and plan their details out in a 12-month time span and, as stated above, set your birthday as the tracking day.

4 Quarters – Divide the details in a 4-quarter deadline and allot an actionable step for every detail adding to the 1-5 year reality of your goals.

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Tips / Activities to pamper yourself on your birthday?

There is a unique way of enjoyment and entertainment for every person out there so I’ll just focus on the pampering that’s specifically congruent to one’s spiritual growth. There is no greater pampering to someone than bringing balance and wholeness to their souls. So, on a day when you can easily be irresponsible, differ to be responsible by not engaging in situations that bring feelings of guilt or regret after the day is gone.

How to have a resolution for the year and stick to it? Tips for a resolution.

I would very much say to not have a resolution on the new year even if it’s very much against the popular belief. The energy on the new year is spiritually high where so many of us ride of this high wave and make exaggerated resolutions and promises to ourselves. But as soon as the exhilaration of the new year dies down, within a week or so, the majority of people find themselves struggling to keep up with their plans. I would suggest putting resolutions one month later when you are purely yourself energetically while having a better grip on your surroundings or on your birthday as an absolute act of self-love.

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How to improve on self and reminiscing on the lessons learned?

Realizing at first that the journey of self-development is immensely non-linear. We are constantly met with challenges, roadblocks, and long gaps down the self-journey. So, constantly check back your feelings around situations you feel there are related lesso

Every time you walk out of a situation without having to feel triggered and down, you will know that your lesson has been integrated.

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In the end,

Every day is a special day and a birthday is one of them. If you have been holding something off for this day and it is not paying you very well then reaccess your priorities and reschedule some of the things which can start right away. Birthday is a good reminder to send us mixed messages of both being growing old and wise where being one thing doesn’t necessarily add another. Time is indeed clicking away for good but making the best of this time is always in our hands.

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