How to heal emotions behind the fear of abandonment.

How to heal emotions behind the fear of abandonment

PART 2— continued from understanding the emotions behind the Fear of abandonment.

You always have the choice to heal your emotions whether there is fear of abandonment or otherwise. No one can really abandon you, they can only walk out with their will. Whatever the situations may be, they didn’t take ‘your’ choice away from you.

Even in the past, irrespective of whatever happened and your inability, or say vulnerability, to understand the otherwise, you are always presented with a gift of the present — here and now.

In this moment of here and now, you have the power, and choice, to rescript the old story and drop your emotional attachments from those old fears. You are the only one who unknowingly gave wings to your fears, and now, you are the only one who can transfer these wings to your emotional freedom.

To acknowledge something far beyond your choice, the source:

Even so, you can not nullify the distance from the source right away but you can change your mental narrative and start expressing joy in every step you take which brings you closer to the source. Enjoying the empty space of your inner lucid world as much as the outside physical world.

In fact, right at this moment, your potential to heal your empty space, which was earlier scarred with fears, is particularly heightened. The very surrounding made for your testing is supporting for this inner release. All you have to do is to step up to the positive changes in your life and align your mindset with them.

If you are feeling that in recent times, your fear has heightened too, then this is the exact turbulence you need to flash out the garbage from inside yourself. Why carry suppressed load within yourself, when you can choose to unpack and throw it out?

Make your journey lighter. You will no longer feel like disparaging the path you walk on. The strong dislike for the lifepath might be just a manifestation of the unwanted mental and emotional load you carry.

Unchain the fear & watch it recede away.

Now, making a clear intent of freeing yourself, take three deep breaths and with every breath, allow yourself to become relaxed and focus internally. As you do so, remember the last moment in your life where you felt the feelings of abandoned or rejected the first time. Experience it again with the eye on an observer and detach your emotions from it. While doing so, feel if you can sense any denseness on any of your body parts. Mentally wipe out that denseness as if it’s a flock of dust. Now, according to the situation you’re experiencing, mentally word out that you don’t accept any outside negative projections, and that you’re fully aware of your reality that you are always loved and accepted in your very form at all times.

Repeat this practice as many times as you want or unless you start feeling a significant change within yourself.
Always be aware that:

  • Emotional attachment and emotional freedom are different. You can love anyone without the fear of getting rejected and get in return too.

  • Always be aware of your own actions & do not stress over the outcome which others’ actions may bring. It’s their karma, not yours.

  • If you feel abandoned, you are simply playing an old program in your mind which is making you feel abandoned. When seen from a higher perspective distance, your reality is completely different from what you think it is.

  • If you think to become numb to a situation will solve your problem, it will not. Suppression leads to depression. Release. Holding off only erodes the vessel.

  • If your abandonment is making you feel violent or rude to others, stop. They don’t have the string to your internal wires, you have. Stop unconsciously acting like a voluntary victim to someone who isn’t even aware that you’re doing so.

  • Always communicate. In any possible form. Speak it out or write to express. Communication helps in flowing out the stagnant energy of fear from inside you and slowly breaking it away.

  • Be patient with yourself. You are growing at the end of the day through all this. Take it as a win-win situation.

And finally, allow the fear to become a far story and your true nature to shine forth. Always be honored for the courage you have to go through the ups-downs of this growth. Rejoice, you’re transmuting. To a new you.


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