Start manifesting abundance in these 7 easy steps!

Manifesting abundance | Self Healers

If you’re here reading this article, there is a strong chance you’re ready to start manifesting abundance in these 7 easy steps that I’ll give you up ahead. To be clear here, real manifestation is not about magically “want and get” something but actually develop the discipline and consciousness to attract something.

What is the problem with manifesting easily?

How many times do we see people trying to portray the image of manifesting journey as if it is so simple to magically want and get something? Actually, it can be truer for a person who is constantly in a higher state of consciousness. But for most people, it is not. We have constant ups and downs in our lives and to be actually able to maintain that vibe of magnetism becomes hard many times. Forget magic, we forget who we are in those times. This is the first problem people face when they try to manifest something.

So, yes manifestation is real work. It is no less than showing up for your Healing daily. It requires you to do the self-introspection work and become disciplined about putting in actions for what you want. If your intentions won’t show in actions, the energy of the target will remain somewhat stagnant and confused. While the universe will take a hundred steps towards you, you must start with taking one step towards the universe as well.

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Work on developing these 3 traits for manifestation.

Even if you don’t consciously try to manifest something, your unconscious mind is always listening to you and constantly attracting or repelling realities based on your thought process and emotional process. I have observed when someone is in these 3 states, they become more magnetic to attracting what they want. They are:

  1. Being realistic: You are constantly in touch with reality in the here and now. Ask yourself here: are your manifestation goals achievable and believable? There should be at least some potential reality in your goals because, without potential, manifestation will only remain a bookish concept.
  2. Being authentic: You can fool the world but you can not fool the energy you send out. Self-develop yourself in such a way that there is no confusion in you. What you feel inside is in your actions outside.
  3. Being divine: When you experience manifestation, you feel an expression of divinity in you. And this divination is what keeps your faith alive. Once you believe in something with all your spirit, it has got to come true. This faith is like laser-focused potential energy being converted into a divine kinetic force, wherein long term consistency changes this kinetic force into a manifested reality.

So, start practicing manifestation now. Fail and improvise but remain consistent through and through.

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Start manifesting abundance in these 7 easy steps.

  1. Be clear about particulars. How much money do you want to manifest and by when?
  2. Clear any blocks regarding the fear of abundance. (This is a long and consistent work. )
  3. How would you ideally feel when you’re abundant? Visualize 5 details to start with. Set a time daily and feel these visuals as if they’re happening now with an emotion of exhilaration.
  4. Have faith that what you intended has already come. This faith should match your emotions. You can not feel something and then expect anything else.
  5. Turn the wait into action. Do what you can best with your current nearest resources, opportunity, or idea.
  6. Download the manifesting like a master guidebook to practice manifesting principles.
  7. LAST but not the LEAST, Abundance is a state of mind. For manifesting, you have to feel and become abundant inside-out.

Be content throughout the manifestation process.

True content is a state of ‘being in balance’. You are deeply satisfied and your behavior is no longer controlled by your temporary desires. Real abundance is in being thoroughly content with what you have right now.


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