How to retrieve your soul fragments in a shamanic journey?

balance and harmony through soul-self connection

As a part of the shamanic journey, learn to retrieve your soul fragments in this article. Our soul isn’t a single rigid unit but an ever-flowing consciousness which is subjected to both space and time, and the experiences that the soul goes through throughout its existence in physical and non-physical reality.

When we experience something traumatic, a part of our soul leaves to avoid experiencing the pain attached to that event. It can be anything related to abuse in childhood to an accident. What a person finds traumatic can be completely normal or bearable for the other. There is no comparison but simply awareness when it comes to honoring the soul fragment that is lost.

To be able to do a shamanic journey, this is common knowledge that one has be a hollow bone so that whatever we retrieve, the pureness of it comes through. Sometimes our own fragments come through then we are not really helping the other person.

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Soul Retrieval for yourself

If you want to do soul retrieval on yourself, here’s a meditation exercise you can try. Simply follow the steps written below:

1.) Determine how many soul fragments you wish to return back to you during a particular meditation exercise. __(number)

2.) Get any of the following for the ceremony – stone people, sacred objects, or images of holy people.

3.) Go to a quiet, beautiful place. Then sit or recline and close your eyes.

4.) Relax. Inhale some deep breaths through your nose, releasing them through your mouth.

5.) Imagine yourself surrounded by the Holy Spirit’s white light.

6.) Invite the “Golden Veil of Peace” to come to you.

7.) Next, imagine yourself enveloped in a rose pink light.

8.) Ask the Creator Father-Mother God to assist you in retrieving the __(your number) lost fragments of your soul.

9.) Then call on your Higher God Self to assist you in retrieving the __(your number) lost fragments of Your soul.

10.) Invoke Shamanic Animal Helpers. If you have no idea who they are, you can just call on your favorite animals since they usually are one of your totem animals. Ask them to retrieve your missing soul fragments. A pendulum could help you find your totems.

11.) Call in your very own Guardian Angel and request for assistance. You can also call for any Archangel you feel devoted to for assistance.

12.) Call in other helpers that you feel should be present for this sacred ceremony. You could say the following – “I call on Father, Mother God, my Higher God Self, my Animal helpers, my Guardian Angel, and Archangel (name). I ask that each of you help me find and bring back and reestablish my __(your number) missing soul fragments right now. I also ask help in reestablishing the missing soul fragments within me in a gentle way and in the “right timing”. Furthermore, I ask that you assist me during and after the ceremony should I encounter dreams or memories because of their return.”

13.) Welcome back your soul fragments and thank your helpers for assisting you in retrieving them then close the session.

14.) Do some grounding and continue with your day.

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Integration of retrieved soul fragments

When the retrieved soul part has finally become bound to you, observe the changes you feel or find in yourself in the coming days. Think of what your retrieved soul part would like to do or feel, and step in that direction.

Finally allowing your soul part to experience life in and through yourself, you slowly integrate it to rejoin your whole self.

Do take note that the integration of lost soul fragments will vary from one person to another. Confer with your inner guidance how long it will take you to integrate and adjust to the returned fragments. While it’s possible for this to take months, most people will integrate in just a few days or a couple of weeks. You can repeat the exercise as many times as you desire.

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