Seeing Aura and its color meanings easily.

seeing aura and its color meanings easily. | Self Healers

First of all, what is an aura?

Seeing aura is one of the easiest tasks to try to develop their psychic senses. It’s an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings. They can be seen, as well as, felt, or sensed. Auras can reveal a person’s emotional wellbeing as well as physical state. There’s no one method to seeing an aura although, this method is just one way to do it.

The concept of the aura, also called the human energy field, is interconnected with the chakra system. The aura is the meeting point between the core patterns generated by the chakras and the influence of the outer world (Judith, 2002).

It has been described as a luminous body that surrounds and penetrates the physical body and emits its own characteristic radiation. Based on observations, the aura has been divided into several layers and can be seen by the human eye and special photography as colors. (Brennan, 1987)

Setting the background for seeing aura

Some sources say that when reading an aura it’s best to have a very dark black or red background, other’s say to white one. The rule is to have a lesser amount of distractions in the background. The aura is generally strongest around a person’s head, but if you don’t have a person to try this with, your own hand will work fine for this experimentation.

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  • Bring your hand in front of your face, keeping it 7 inches away from the face.
  • Pick a point just beyond your hand and let your eyes go out of focus. It’s very similar to the way when you view a ‘magic eye’ picture for those of you who know what it is. If you don’t, then google magic eye.
  • Eventually, a thin white band will come into view around the edges of your hand. This is the first layer of the aura.
  • Once you’re able to view the white band, fix your gaze a little beyond it. Eventually, a color(s) band will come into view. Note: this stage is much harder to see.

Color meanings

Each color has a specific meaning. There are few examples of the color(s) you may usually see and from those colors, you can find out a lot more about the emotional state of that person.

  • Red: Energy, strength, courage
  • Brick red: anger
  • Deep red: sensuality
  • Crimson: loyalty
  • Pink: cheerfulness, optimism
  • Rose: self-love
  • Orange: Joy, vitality, mental and physical balance
  • Yellow: wisdom, creativity, spirituality
  • Grayish yellow: fear
  • Green: longevity, growth, compassion
  • Pale green: the healing power
  • Grayish green: pessimism, envy
  • Blue: spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual
  • Grayish blue: Melancholy
  • Ice blue: Intellectual
  • Purple: spiritual power

You should try this method as long as seeing aura this way becomes quite easy and natural to you. That is when you will know that you are ready to step into the next stage.

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