How to practice self love daily for deep healing?

self love for deep spiritual healing

Self-love is honoring the life that we have got in the most compassionate and kindest way possible. It is the first step toward deep healing. It is about realizing that life is a gift and then the greater respect and care we’ll give to it, the better our conduct of every facet of life will become.

How to increase our daily dose of self-love? Activities and modalities that can be practiced.

It is an everyday process to be able to reach that optimum level of self-love necessary to transmute the daily levels of negativity we experience around us. So, it’s essential to add and consistently follow something which is healthy, healing, kind, and, if possible, growth-oriented in our daily routine. For this, start with removing the toxic perfectionism from your expectations so that you can have a healthy base to lay the foundation of self-love.

Healthy boundaries for practicing self-love.

Relationships take toll often when the boundary necessary to have basic soul functionality is encroached by our poor understanding of our own needs and desires and several times lacking the courage to state it out. In the long run, you would not only compromise your opportunities for self-love but relationships too. So timely convey your needs, verbally or otherwise considering your message is delivered strongly and compassionately, and give out the same time and space to others as well for their own practices of self-love.

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How healing helps to increase our self-love.

Healing helps to clear away the clutter that is corroding in nature for your spiritual and mental health, thereby eventually manifesting as an illness in physical. When the clutter is not here to block the love, light, opportunities, blessings, and everything that we desire, then self-love becomes even more surreal as a real-time experience.

How self love helps us to attract everything for our highest good? Best partner, good bosses, work environment, friends, better finances and people in general who love themselves and situations which are loving?

As mentioned earlier, self-love helps us unblock all the anti-love forces that had managed to keep us in low vibrations and ill-defined self-perceptions till now. These low vibrations keep us trapped in the very things we want to get rid of. It is very ironic to say that the shade we throw outside actually affects us first internally. So, not doing to others what we can’t imagine for ourselves is also a part of self-love. Having a clean slate opens the space and power for new and good things to be written down by our future actions and intentions. What we’ll become inside will attract the exact scenarios outside.

How and when to say no to others for putting our own self love first?

When saying yes to others is taking a toll on any area of our life, it is important to reanalyze the scenarios around the answer. If it not adding positivity in anyone’s life, or if it hurting us in any way possible, or if we can see someone is intentionally taking advantage of us, or if realizing that our yes is enabling someone to subdue their responsibility then it becomes imminent to take strict action on this. Simply saying no with a kind reason is something any mature human can understand. If anyone feels hurt by our self-love extension, we should gently try to alleviate misconceptions but not stress about it and, thereon, leave it onto others for their own interpretation and healing that they might need in their lives.

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How not to violate self love? Many a times,people allow others to walk all over them in relationships, professional life for the sake of money, staying in abusive relationships for children, society etc. Even a simple thing like having a burnout due to excessive work is violating your self love. How to be mindful about that?

Daily activities of self-love and self-compassion, which are essentially the same in nature, make us strong mentally and emotionally, so when such a scenario comes where we feel violated by our own fault, intentionally or not, we can track ourselves back on the route faster and better. Nature always swings in balance and harmony, that is why it is so rhythmic and perfect in its existence. We should also try to bring these qualities of nature in our everyday life where we maintain a balance of how much we can give and take without bringing a disaster on ourselves.

How being authentic increases our self love?

Authenticity is an internal voice that our soul understands and it is our soul only which understands the subliminal and subconscious side of our existence. So, when we are being authentic, it becomes a natural flow state for the soul to express itself upon and we feel more in tune with ourselves – more comfortable in our mind and bodies and more accepting of our environment and lesser frictions in intention-thought-emotion-action patterns.

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How self- love enables us to love God, our loved ones, and others more?

To know the self is to know God. We are microcosm to the macrocosm. The extent to which anything can stretch outside equally applies to the depth something can contract inside us. When we illuminate that we call as ‘myself’, this light always gets reflected back outside as a law of reciprocation. The more full of love, light, and life-force we’ll have inside, the better we’ll be able to offer it outside to our loved ones and others in general and the more harmonizing and full of faith will be our connection to God essence.


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