Spiritual healing and a deep perspective on its need.

The need of spiritual healing.

As we prepare ourselves in understanding the need for spiritual healing, we are reminded of the saying which goes as “We are not human beings having this spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having this human experience”. How many of you yearn for that deep transcendent connection which can define, and give a new meaning altogether to the way you see your life?

‘Who’ are you is rather an answer. For your existence is just a layer. Peeled and undefined is your true nature.

Are your wishes really yours when it comes to healing?

There is a life of superficial perfection that we have been told, throughout our lives, to continuously chase, and yet, there is a life beyond the chase where perfection is our wish. In a rush to always be someone, to always keep standards, and to always prove ourselves, we end up taking a toll on what and who we already are.  

If we have to keep up with the race, we have to keep moving. A slow step might make us lose the opportunity. So is the pressure to walk fast. There is always a standard to meet for every stage of our life. Our wishes seem to be always in a game of push and pull.  Far-fetched standards consistently contradict initial wishes. Yet, we continue to play along with made-up wishes and blindfold. Is that how we had it all planned? 

How spiritually empty are you? 

With the constant chit-chatter of the world around us, our minds appear to have copied the same. Apparently, on this busy radio station our mind, we have employed too many thoughts and emotions have become a liability. We have unknowingly and deliberately polarized the ‘use’ of our life-supporting assets to pick sides. 

Either it is good, or bad, or the abundance will empower us, or the loss will devour us. Either it is all about us, or it is all of them. With the constant pressure to choose one side, we have loaded too many programs within us.

As these programs continue to occupy our minds, the mental space becomes pressurized to process too many files and the efficiency starts slowing down. We have overloaded our space with the programs we don’t even require to hold on. This is the baggage that our mental recycle bin keeps asking us to throw out. Yet, here we are, who have clutched so tightly on to this baggage as if it is our dearest asset. The minute we wake up, our minds are bombarded with the thoughts we don’t even want to be bothered about. Still, we continue to carry them around. How many of you have ever come across any (or similar) of the thoughts written below?  

Why does this alarm ring so loud? I need to sleep 5 minutes more, Is it necessary to go out today? I must fake a plan to stay, Why do I get fat even on diet? My looks are no good like all, Why my friends are mean? I am meant to live alone, Why am I always broke? My savings seem to always elope, Why do I always have to prove? Now, I must add another layer to me.  We are always analyzing our next step. Empty is how we were born. Now, this ’empty’ has changed its meaning to meet our new lives. Ask yourself which ’empty’ do you want? Either the empty where your present moment is your life or the empty where your reality keeps crashing with past and future wants. 

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Has your soul started diving in its spirituality?

A soul is our nameless name and identity-less identity. Spirit is our soul’s divine nature. Just like we define our human bodies with personalities, our souls have a whole record of spirituality. This record is a syllabus of our universal creation where the classes are our lives. We live to ascend in our spirituality, even though forgetfulness is the condition that gets applied when we start to live this life. 

Now that you’re sitting in this exam, have you started remembering the syllabus that’s always in your mind? As you start diving into your true spirituality, you start remembering what you forgot and, thus, thinning the invisible veils that kept you apart from the grandness of life. 

Is your spiritual connection with yourself intact?

Our spiritual connection is our own personal intimate relationship with ourselves and, as a result, everything around us becomes a reflection of this connection. Thus, its strength, or the lack thereof, in our life inadvertently defines our quality of life. The parameters, here, are not something others can decide, but, are what you as an individual create. 

Ask your happiness, is it happy?

Feel your satisfaction, is it satisfied?

Check your relationships with others, are they strong?

See your life direction, is it your choice?

Your spirit is your personal connection, is it intact?

Ask your Self, are you fulfilled?

The deeper you are connected with yourself, the more expanded your life becomes. Your limitations become unlimited and everything that you have ever asked to yourself becomes an answer in itself. Are you ready to experience that kind of freedom?
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Do you feel, is it your time to shed the hidden baggage?
Everything that we have learned in this life, or before, which doesn’t support our journey is baggage. The negative emotions, fears, traumas, and all the limiting beliefs, they do no good to us anymore. We experienced them to learn a new understanding of our growth.

Now that they have served their purpose, we do not have the need to carry them around like a trophy. If I ask, what is the need to carry this baggage? Is it representation or approval that we seek from others for the validation of our baggage? Perhaps, others are already busy fetching their own. So who is the better judge of what you have to pack or leave behind? 

Indeed, you.

Let us do this simple exercise of one minute: – At this moment, decide to take your mind off any other thought, emotion or activity that is running in your mind. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax and become free. – Once you are relaxed, ask yourself this question internally- is it your time to shed the hidden baggage and grow spiritually in life?- Wait for a few seconds for the answer to appear. Feel and listen to a gentle inner voice that will respond within you, to you. The first answer, whether yes or no, is what your true answer is. Thank the voice for its answer and come back to your conscious wakefulness now.

If the answer is yes, commit yourself to your soul healing and now that it is your responsibility, you will not stop in between. The further you’ll venture into the chapters of your spiritual healing journey, the further you’ll heal and expand yourself.

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If the answer is no, feel the mood of the answer. Did it appear as sadness, helplessness, or frustration? Or the answer made you rather angry? Whichever is the case in these, take a break from this journey and do not read more. Repeat this exercise again after some time. Only when the first answer will be yes, come back here to commit. 

Irrespective of the answer yes or no, if you feel you need to share the project with anyone who might benefit in terms of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and development through this guide, please do so. We are going to dive into a journey of reinventing ourselves further. Be on-board, and learn this art of being your own soul healer.


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